That’s me, age eight or so. Sweet box, right? Sometimes I wonder what became of it.

These days I spend less time impersonating a robot and more time writing things on the Internet. By day, I’m a freelance tech journalist; by night, I fight crime as a vigilante who dresses as a bat. Also, I have a rich fantasy life.

My writing has also found its way—really, through little fault of my own—into the Boston Globe, Macworld, and The Magazine. I’m also a regular panelist on the award-winning podcast The Incomparable, one half of the dynamic duo behind the movie podcast Not Playing with Lex and Dan (the Lex half, weirdly), and the co-host of the Clockwise podcast. If you’ve met me for more than about ten minutes, I’ve probably told you all about whatever novel I’m working on at the moment.

I like tea and ultimate frisbee and video games and Dungeons & Dragons, and these questions are getting a bit forward, don’t you think?

On the web, you can find me on Twitter, Flickr, App.net, and on some forums I probably shouldn’t be admitting to.

Oh, yeah, I’m Dan Moren. Nice to meet you.

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