TeeVee 51: Arrow S3E14 “Nanda Parbat” review

Must be podcast clearinghouse day around here. The Speedy Arrowcast is back, with Guy, John, and I discussing this week’s episode: “Nanda Parbat.” Malcolm Merlyn wins villain of the week, and Dig and—surprise!—Laurel both get great moments, all leading up to an…unexpected ending.

The Rebound 23: The Head Wound Episode

Never mind the Apple Watch, the Pebble Time is where it’s at. That and discussion of the Apple Car, plus Lex and I do our level best to convince John to download Alto’s Adventure on this week’s episode of the only tech podcast where we sit around and play games and don’t say much.

Clockwise 76: The Darkness

This long winter hasn’t broken us yet. iOS and Mac developer James Thomson and iMore’s Serenity Caldwell join Jason and I to discuss what we have hooked up to our TVs, if Apple might make a stylus, whether Kickstarter is or isn’t a store, and the future of AI that will inevitably kill us all.

TeeVee 50: Arrow S3E14 “The Return” Review

My friends John Moltz and Guy English enjoy Arrow about as much as I do, so the three of us have teamed up to do recaps of the show every week on the TeeVee podcast at The Incomparable—I’ll let you decide who’s Oliver, who’s Diggle, and who’s Felicity. (Lisa Schmeiser, Philip Mozolak, and my good pal Tony Sindelar are doing the same for The Flash.)

This is actually our second episode; our first, last week, covered episode 13, “Canaries.”

The Rebound 22: Is There a Mrs. Brookstone?

What’s so great about an Apple Car? That’s one thing John, Lex, and I discuss on this week’s episode, along with more Apple Watch speculation, where all the Mac journalists are going, new security problems on Lenovo PCs and from the NSA, and, of course, a killer Apple massage chair.

Clockwise 75: Aluminum Foil Everything

This week we wrap everything in tinfoil, as we talk about the Apple Car, the possibly NSA-created malware that can rewrite your hard drive firmware, Apple’s threats, and Samsung’s privacy problem. Our special guests are Glenn Fleishman and Georgia Dow. (This episode ran a little bit long, so the bonus question is available as a B Side.)


This is a special one. I’ve always loved game shows, especially ones that involve puzzles or trivia. As a kid, I loved watching Jeopardy! at my grandmother’s house, and I’ve been to several recordings of shows like Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!. A couple years ago, I even fulfilled a dream by appearing as a contestant on a show, NPR’s Ask Me Another. And over on The Incomparable, we’ve done a couple game show episodes in which I took part.

But I’ve also long wanted to host a show, and after years of vaguely mentioning ideas about it to my partner-in-crime Jason Snell, I finally got off my keister and sat down to write and organize one. You now have it before you, in the form of Inconceivable!, the first episode of which aired earlier this week. I describe it as a game of nerdery and nonsense, in which two teams compete to demonstrate their knowledge of obscure and useless details about things like comic books, sci-fi and fantasy, gaming, and more. (Like all good panel shows, however, that is merely a thin veneer—an excuse for people to get together, joke, and laugh.)

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The Rebound 21: Apple Watch Watch

We’d love to talk about Photos for Mac and Lex’s dog, but really this week’s Rebound episode is nearly entirely given over to continuing to create elaborate fan fiction about the upcoming Apple product.

Total Party Kill 44: A Hat and Some Bugs

I neglected to mention the return of our D&D podcast, Total Party Kill, when the first episode of the new season dropped at the end of January, so here’s episode two. Our dungeon master for this outing is the ruthless Scott McNulty, and somehow nobody has died yet—not even me!

Clockwise 74: Face Screaming In Fear

The Internet’s best 30 minute tech podcast is back. This week, Jason and I are joined by a pair of former Macworld colleagues: Scholle McFarland and my Rebound co-host Lex Friedman. We talk about the upcoming Photos for Mac and how we organize our digital pictures currently, what financial software we do (or don’t) use, our feelings on iOS 8 keyboards, and which two iOS games and podcasts we would choose above all others. Our special bonus topic? Favorite emoji!

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