A step in the right direction

So, this happened.

I keep trying to put into words just how excited I am about this particular development, but it just comes out as “alfargle bek eroqkcadfh shmesh.” And then I flail for a little while.

Never a good impression for a writer.

Anyway, I keep trying to come up with a big lesson to take away here, but the truth is that this is just one more step in the right direction. I’m thrilled to be working with Joshua Bilmes, Sam Morgan, and the rest of the JABberwocky crew, and I’m happy beyond belief to get a shot at publishing this book that I started way back in 2009.

But there’s a lot left to do—the work’s far from done. As my friend Myke Cole—to whom I owe a lot, including introducing me to Joshua—would probably say, “Secure that celebration. Get the hell back to work.”

Clockwise 87: Creeped Out By Robots

On our latest 30-minutes-or-your-pizza-is-an-emoji tech podcast, PCalc developer James Thomson and Macworld editor Susie Ochs join me and Jason to talk product reviews, Apple Watch apps, self-driving cars, and Facebook’s new Instant Articles.

Unjustly Maligned 11: Hudson Hawk

The podcast is Unjustly Maligned. The episode is number 11. The guy on a donkey’s just a guy on a donkey.

When Antony Johnston asked me to be on his podcast, in which people defend underrated works of art, I jumped at the chance to speak in favor of one of my favorite movies, the 1991 Bruce Willis action-adventure vehicle Hudson Hawk. As it turns out, Antony is also a fan, and so the two of us spend almost an hour waxing rhapsodic over this panoply of slapstick, one-liners, and surreal humor.

Arrow S3E22 Review: “This Is Your Sword”

Guy English and I discuss the penultimate episode of Arrow, group rates on flights to Nanda Parbat, and why you can’t just kill everybody on the show.

(Also, I missed linking to last week’s Arrowcast, in which we covered episode 21, also known as “Ollie is the villain of the week.”)

Stay Foolish 2: Could Apple become its own cellular carrier?

The second installment of my new column on a little publication called Macworld asks whether Apple might follow in the footsteps of Google and launch its own wireless carrier. I run down the arguments for and against.

(My first column, which ran last week, speculated about Tim Cook’s comments on the future of media during Apple’s most recently quarterly conference call.)

Also, many people have asked me if it’s weird to be back writing for Macworld. Not really: I’ve always enjoyed the publication, since well before coming onboard as a staffer in 2007, and I’m delighted to be be able to write for them once again. Plus, I really enjoy, you know, eating food and having a roof over my head, so it’s a good deal all around.

The Rebound 33: Just a Bunch of Nerds

This week, Lex bosses us around, I make up words, and Moltz really wants an iPad Pro for watching TV. Which some of us have a TV for, but sure, whatever. That and, of course, unending talk about the Apple Watch.

Clockwise 86: Buzzing My Wrist

This week on our 30-minutes-mostly-about-the-Apple-Watch we welcome a special duo: David Sparks and Katie Floyd of the Mac Power Users podcast, which recently joined our home network, Relay FM. We talk about rumors of an Apple touchscreen remote, how distracted we are (if at all) by the Apple Watch, our favorite home automation tips, and which watch face we’re using.

Inconceivable! 3: Mogo is Displeased

Our nerdy game of trivia and tribble-ations is back, with panelists Christa Mrgan, Guy English, Maddy Myers, David Loehr, Liz Myles, and Tony Sindelar. This month we tackle our usual collection of jargon, Game of Thrones‘s immense catalog of death, and monstrous movie puns.

Clockwise 85: Squeals of Joy and Pain

On this week’s 30-minutes-no-ifs-and-or-buts tech podcast, Jason and I are joined by Allison Sheridan and Scholle McFarland to discuss the Apple Watch, loving to hate Microsoft, iPad sales, and Dropbox’s new commenting system. Just for kicks, we talk about our favorite non-tech podcasts.

Arrow S3E19-20 Review: “Broken Arrow,” “The Fallen”

Speaking of comic-bookery, Guy, John, and I made up for two weeks off by recording a double-header to review the most recent two episodes of Arrow (well, aside from the one that aired last night). We talked about surprising death(s), steamy romance, and our complex feelings about Ray Palmer.

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