Clockwise 72: Robot Butler

Got 30 minutes? Then you’ve got plenty of time to listen to this week’s episode of Clockwise. Jason and I are joined by The Wirecutter’s head honcho Jacqui Cheng and Accidental Tech Podcast’s Marco Arment John Siracusa Casey Liss. We talk about Apple’s blockbuster quarter, Kickstarter and crowdfunding, whether we’re excited for Microsoft’s holograms, and what tech would solve problems in our lives.

The Rebound 18: Arbitrary Cheap Shots

Lex is out of the country, so we once again recruit scholar and gentleman Guy English to take his place with me and John. (Guy was previously heard in episode 8, Fire Everything!, so I guess he’ll be back every 10 episodes or so?) We talk about Microsoft’s HoloLens announcement and Dan Lyons’s bizarre fascination with salacious tech news.

Clockwise 71: ToasterPen

On the latest episode of the 30-minute podcast of champions, Wired‘s Christina Bennington and Relay’s own Myke Hurley join me and Jason. We talk about the future of wireless charging, whether Apple might make a hybrid device, workflow ruts that get us stuck, and how we feel about a possible iPad with a stylus. Stick around for the bonus question to hear about our favorite types of puzzles!

The Rebound 17: Rub to Pay

America’s least techy tech podcast returns. This week, we talk about more Apple Watch hopes, the epic tale of a fake smartwatch, and Lex’s devout wish that John and I switch to T-Mobile.

Clockwise 70: Little Crab Hands

It’s a momentous day! For the first time, we recorded Clockwise live in front of an Internet audience—and we did it in less than 30 minutes. To celebrate this notable occasion, Jason and I are joined by iMore’s Serenity Caldwell and Relay FM’s own Stephen Hackett. We talk Apple’s (quixotic?) quest for thinner, lighter devices; fake Apple watches; the future of the iPod touch; and the death of the iTunes Store’s free Single of the Week.

The Rebound 16: The Complaining Side

We’re back with the first episode actually recorded in this brand new year. We talked about Marco Arment’s controversial blog post, whether we’re interested in anything at CES, and made fun of Lex once again for not knowing anything about Star Wars. Tradition!

Çingleton 2014: Identity

Last fall, I spoke at the fourth—and, as it turned out, final—Çingleton conference in Montreal. It was my distinct pleasure to give a talk for all four years of the conference, which was put on by my good friend Guy English and his partners in crime Scott Morrison and Luc Vandal. And it was an honor to speak alongside folks like screenwriter and all-around-nice-guy John August, Khan Academy’s Laura Savino, and my good friends Rich Siegel, Maja Henderson, and Adam Lisagor.

This year, the theme of the conference was “Lenses,” and I took the opportunity to discuss how our identity plays into the way that we perceive things. It’s a fairly short talk, and I hope it was a good way to wrap up. (Or, at least, provide an intro for John Gruber to bookend the conference.) I’ll miss making the annual trip to Çingleton next year, but, boy, it sure will be a relief not to have to come up with another talk.

Çingleton – Dan Moren from Çingleton on Vimeo.

Clockwise 69: Quantum Dots and Kooky Segways

It may be CES time, but Clockwise don’t care. This week, The Wirecutter’s Dan Frakes and Black Pixel’s Jessie Char join Jason and I to talk about rumors of a 12-inch MacBook Air revamp, why tech hipsters hate on the Facebook, the future of HDTVs, and, oh yes, the Consumer Electronics Show.

Storming Mortal 19: Runaway Trains and the 24 Hour Star Wars News Network with Dan Moren

Anže Tomić very kindly invited me on his podcast, Storming Mortal, to talk about a whole slew of things, but naturally we ended up talking about Star Wars for a long time. We also discussed a love of stick-shift cars, my writing career, and comic books. Shocking topics, one and all.

The Rebound 15: Clickless Trackpad

It may be 2015, but that didn’t stop us from publishing this episode of The Rebound, recorded in late 2014. (Actually it was mainly the holidays that delayed me from editing and subsequently publishing it, so you can blame those.) We talk about Moltz’s Drobo woes (or lack thereof), rumors of a new MacBook Air, headphones, podcasting equipment costs, and because we’re clearly not afraid of taboo topics, sex, religion, money, and politics. Just to get them all out of the way for the year.

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