Six Colors: Apple 10/16 event liveblog

Can’t let those liveblogging skills get too rusty. I was thrilled to be able to team up with my compatriot Jason Snell to help liveblog today’s Apple event. It seemed like our readers really enjoyed it, and that’s great. Plus, if I had to pick one event to break my streak, I’m glad it was this one—it would have been a long flight out and back for a fairly underwhelming set of announcements.

TeeVee 30: Mummy on the Orient Express

In a rare bit of geographic proximity, Jason Snell and I were both in Montreal this past weekend, and we used the opportunity to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who. It has a train in space! A nefarious computer! And a mummy! We recorded this episode in my hotel room after watching. It’s only a shame you can’t listen to it in the same room as us too!

Clockwise 58: All My Money Is Gone

Speaking of podcasts recorded in Montreal, Jason and I also recorded the latest episode of Clockwise along with special guests Rene Ritchie (our roving correspondent) and Georgia Dow, making her second back-to-back appearance! We talk Yosemite, iOS 8.1, and why Apple Pay will put Georgia in the poorhouse. Also, what does Canada have that the US can’t match?

The Rebound 4: Way Too Long

On the latest episode of everybody’s newest favorite tech podcast, Lex, John and I discuss my iOS 8 gripes. (Which mostly involves them calling me crazy.) Then our broadcast is interrupted by breaking news that Apple’s holding an event next Thursday—that’s right, Thursday. We talk about what to expect from the event, and whether or not we’d ever buy an Apple television set.

The Incomparable 214: Fun is Underrated

Also, because I was busy this past weekend, I forgot to note that I made a triumphant return to The Incomparable, where I joined host Jason Snell, my archnemesis Scott McNulty, and would-be usurper David J. Loehr to discuss James S.A. Corey’s wonderful sci-fi series, The Expanse. I’ve just caught up with all four novels, and they’re among my favorite recent sci-fi novels. With a focus on intergalactic intrigue, political wrangling, and, of course, space travel, these are basically right up my alley. And, hey, if you can’t bring yourself to read four very long sci-fi epics, the TV version is coming to SyFy probably next year.

Clockwise 57: Piegate

On this week’s episode of Clockwise, we talk about iPad expectations, what part Google has to play in celebrity photo thefts, whether there’s a -gate for all occasions, and why iOS 8 adoption has slowed. Also: pie. Jason and I are joined by my Rebound co-host John Moltz and iMore’s Georgia Dow.

Clockwise 56: Niche of Awesomeness

Speaking of podcasts, this week’s episode of Clockwise features special guests Myke Hurley and Casey Liss alongside Jason Snell and yours truly. We talk Apple Pay and whether it can succeed, outdated tech that we loved, apps for the iPhone 6 Plus, and, of course, candy.

The Rebound 3: Shmicroshmoft

The third episode of our doubtlessly-soon-to-be-award-winning podcast has Lex, John, and I discussing what exactly happened to Windows 9 and whether Apple has a QA problem. Also, why Lex and John’s spouses won’t update to iOS 8—and whether they may be on to something.

The Rebound 2: State Secrets

Because all I do these days is podcast, apparently! For our sophomore episode, John and I discuss the new iPhone 6 while Lex sits sullenly and mutters to himself about his 5s. We also talk about third-party keyboards and the iPhone bending craze that’s sweeping the nation! Feast your ears on this!

Clockwise 55: Extreme Physical Butt Force

Let me be clear: I had no involvement whatsoever in the naming of this episode. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. The big goose egg. That said, the latest installment of the podcast I co-host with my good pal Jason Snell covers reports of the iPhone 6 Plus getting bent, best iOS 8 apps, and experiences with new and shiny iPhones. Jason and I are joined by my frequent podcast co-host Lex Friedman and iMore maven—and unstoppable force of nature—Rene Ritchie.

Though Clockwise will be moving to Relay FM eventually, this week, we’re still as indy as indy can be.

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