Turns Out 1: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

I was delighted to be on the first episode of David Loehr‘s new game show on The Incomparable (alongside Counterclockwise and Inconceivable!), where one person—in this case, yours truly—must determine which of three panelists—here, Glenn Fleishman, Jason Snell, and Erika Ensign—are telling the truth. Or not. I will not give away the result of the show, but it’s a must listen.

Total Party Kill 47: War on Rugs

Fell behind a bit, but in the latest episode of our D&D-playing podcast of mayhem, Carlos (Jason), Scale (Georgia), and Presta (Erika) search the caravan for scarabs before we run into a creepy oasis.

(Also I missed out on posting about episode 46, A Door Killed My Brother, where Regdar (Tony), Kat’chka (Steve), and Omlol (me!) get into a lot of trouble and need to be bailed out by the rest of the party.)

Clockwise 80: We’re All Dying Slowly

This week, I took on the Herculean task of hosting Clockwise myself, with my three wonderful and lovely guests: Jessie Char, John Moltz, and Casey Liss. This gave us time to talk about a new Apple TV box, what’s next in wearables, whether today’s wearables incur health risks, and what software or service we first shelled out our hard-earned cash for!

Next week, Jason should be live with the show from Ùll in Ireland with three guests of his own, which I guess means I get the week off.

The Rebound 26: Jiggles Like Butter

Apple’s new TV service, USB-C’s eventual adoption, and the Force Touch Trackpad all feature centrally in this past week’s episode of the tech podcast where we now make bets and then forget we’ve made them.

TeeVee 53: Arrow S3E16 “The Offer” review

After a few weeks on hiatus, the Speedy Arrowcast is back! This week, Guy, John, and I discuss how you should actually handle job interviews (whether or not they involved deranged semi-immortal assassins), a host of father issues, and whether the Arrowcave has a back door.

Clockwise 79: The Next Free Noms

This week on the 30-whole-minutes? tech podcast, Jeff Carlson and Shelly Brisbin join Jason and me to discuss Apple’s rumored TV service, iOS public betas, desktops vs. laptops, and South By Southwest. Also, delicious pastries for everyone!

Total Party Kill 45: A Night on the Caravan

Hijinks ensue on the latest episode of our D&D-playing podcast, as Katch’ka, Omlol, and Regdar get up to shenanigans while the rest of the party sleeps the sleep of the not-quite-dead-yet-but-not-for-lack-of-trying.

Inconceivable! 2: Mansplained to Doom!

It wasn’t just a flash in the pan! I’m delighted to say that episode 2 of Inconceivable!, the panel developed and hosted by yours truly (with a little help from Lex Friedman), is ready for your listening pleasure. This month, we have Shannon Sudderth, Monty Ashley, and returning captain Erika Ensign facing off against Steve Lutz, Brianna Wu, and John Siracusa. There are questions about obscure sci-fi/fantasy jargon, comic book superheroes, Star Trek films, and, of course, puns. Enjoy!

Clockwise 78: MacBook Nothing

The 30-minute podcast that’s featured on the front page of the iTunes Store Podcasts section is back! This week, we’re joined by TechCrunch’s Sarah Lane and Chicago Sun-Times tech columnist Andy Ihnatko to talk the Apple TV/HBO deal, Uber’s latest calamity, the value and price of the Apple Watch, and what would we dooooooo for a light MacBook.

The Rebound 25: Tap Into It

As you’ve probably heard there was an Apple event earlier this week. We spend absolutely no time talking about on our latest episode, in which we merely discuss our favorites types of cheese, the current state of rug technologies, and why it’s unacceptable for adults to build pillow forts.

Who am I kidding, you’ve already clicked through, haven’t you?

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