Clockwise 64: Disposable Electric Car

On this week’s 30-minute show of shows, Jason and I are joined by my Rebound partner-in-crime Lex Friedman and PCalc developer James Thomson. In the run-up to Thanksgiving we discuss backup strategies, the possibility of an app subscription service, the death of tablets, and the electric car. All for your enjoyment!

The Rebound 10: I Did It All for the Nokia

I was remiss in not mentioning last week’s episode of my tech podcast with luminaries John Moltz and Lex Friedman. We talked about Nokia’s Android tablet, the trouble with Uber, and the latest iPhone knockoff. All in about 36 minutes. What better way is there for you to spend your time?

Clockwise 63: Uber, What’s Up With It?

On this week’s 30-minute tech roundtable, editor-in-chief of The Wirecutter and The Sweethome Jacqui Cheng and omnipresent writer and furioso tweeter Glenn Fleishman join me and Jason to talk about Apple potentially integrating Beats Music into iOS, our latest feelings on the Apple Watch, encryption everywhere, and, of course, what the heck is going on with Uber? (In fact the episode is so jam-packed that we had to separate our traditional bonus question into a separate track!)

Clockwise 62: Light at the End of the Pipe

Podcast Thursday continues with the latest episode of Clockwise, the 30-minute podcast that has time on its hands. Jason and I are joined by special guests Jeff Carlson and Christina Bonnington; together we discuss how our workstations are set up, what wearable technology we’re interested in, whether intelligent assistants are hitting the Uncanny Valley, and whether virtual reality will ever be more than a pipe dream.

The Rebound 9: Hey Alexa

On this week’s episode, John, Lex, and I talk about the oh-so-many problems with iMessage and Messages, tech challenges for the less-than-tech-savvy, and the many whys and wherefores of Amazon Echo (or is it Alexa?).

The Rebound 8: Fire Everything!

Poor Lex took a—no doubt solar-powered—cruise this past week, so John and I were forced to find his replacement. I like to think we succeeded, and then some, with Guy English. And because we had Guy, we spent most of the show talking about the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Don’t worry, there’s some technology at the end.

Clockwise 61: Chancellor of Burberry

On the latest Clockwise, Jason and I are joined by former Macworld contributor Dan Frakes and my cohort from The Rebound, John Moltz. We discuss who can fill Christian Bale’s bat-turtleneck to play Steve Jobs, whether we trust iCloud Drive, our favorite pieces of outdated technology, and the delay of the Apple Watch.

The Rebound 7: Accidental Retail Podcast

Retail stores—an unavoidable evil. Moltz is the only of the three of us to have actually used Apple Pay (my cards don’t support it yet and Lex has a 5s). That doesn’t stop us from spending a lot of time talking about the new payment system. But we also take time out of our busy schedule to briefly discuss Siri’s ability to predict (or fail to) sporting event outcomes, and gas stations around the country. You have been warned.

Clockwise 60: Spite Corporation

Apple Pay is on everybody’s mind, which is why it’s one of the topics we discussed on this week’s Clockwise. We also talked about how we read (and what technology—or lack thereof—we use to do so), Apple’s fancy new SIM card, and the (hurray, now resolved!) issue over PCalc’s widget. Jason and I are joined by iMore’s Serenity Caldwell and Mashable’s Christina Warren.

Clockwise 59: Everything’s Weird

Thursday’s apparently a busy podcast day around these parts. On the latest episode of Clockwise, Jason and I were joined by Paul Kafasis and Jessie Char to discuss iPad sales and upgrade cycles, the breakneck pace of OS X updates, Retina displays on desktop Macs, and what Apple can do to improve the retail experience. All in 30 minutes, or your podcast is free.

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