The Rebound 31: Cramming the Excess Loop

And I also re-take my rightful place on this week’s episode of The Rebound, where we talk about my time at nerdfest, Lex returning his MacBook Pro (for another MacBook Pro), and John becoming the lord of all cheap Bluetooth headphones. Plus, of course, the Apple Watch.

Clockwise 84: The Amazon Echosystem

After a week off, I return to our 30-minute-and-not-one-second-over-no-matter-what-your-podcast-client-might-say show alongside guests Dan Frakes, Jacqui Cheng, and Glenn Fleishman to discuss the Amazon Echo, problems with Apple’s “it just works” approach, and what sensors we’d like to see on the Apple Watch.

Clockwise 82: Stunt Queuing

This week on our 30-minutes-and-done tech podcast, Jason and I welcome Refinery29’s Christina Bonnington and The Rebound’s own Lex Friedman to discuss sleeping outside of Apple Stores, whether or not Periscope will supplant podcasting, how we rent/watch/purchase movies these days, and the slate of early Apple Watch reviews.

Mac Power Users 249: Tech and the Family

You probably thought I could not be on more podcasts. I don’t know why you’d think that, but I was delighted to be invited on Katie Floyd and Davis Sparks‘s venerable Mac Power Users podcast to talk about managing Apple devices in a family, and about the book I co-wrote with Jeff Carlson, [The Connected Apple Family](The Connected Apple Home: Discover the Rich Apple Ecosystem of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV).

Arrow S3E18 Review: “Public Enemy”

There’s a new opening in the Starling City’s mayor office! Guy is off in Ireland, so special guest Tony Sindelar joins me and John Moltz to discuss practicing jumping off rooftops, hospital rules on experimental procedures, and Quentin Lance’s anger management issues.

The Rebound 28: Anyone Can Draw Hitler

We cover the burning issues of the day on this week’s episode, with Lex Periscoping the first few minutes of the show, and then discussing the brand new [Amazon Dash Button](Amazon Dash Button – Official site – Request an invitation). Also covered are rumors of a 4-inch iPhone 6c, how to draw Hitler on your Apple Watch, and swapping your unwanted sport bands.

Arrow S3E17 Review: “Suicidal Tendencies”

Okay, this is more like it. The Speedy Arrowcast rides again, and Guy, John, and I discuss the return of the Suicide Squad, Diggle’s nuptials, and a fight between Arrow and a supersuit that goes exactly as we’d expect.

The Flash S1E16 Review: “Rogue Time”

Whaaaa? Me on the Flashcast? What strange alternate reality is this? I replaced Philip Mozolak on this week’s episode of the Flash Flashcast with Lisa Schmeiser and my good pal Tony Sindelar. We discuss changing the timestream and Barry Allen getting punched in the face metaphorically and physically.

The Rebound 27: I’m Just an App!

A new Apple TV coming down the pike? Also, we talk about Apple Watch health concerns and the rubbish articles people write about them and the new live streaming phenomenon.

Turns Out 1: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

I was delighted to be on the first episode of David Loehr‘s new game show on The Incomparable (alongside Counterclockwise and Inconceivable!), where one person—in this case, yours truly—must determine which of three panelists—here, Glenn Fleishman, Jason Snell, and Erika Ensign—are telling the truth. Or not. I will not give away the result of the show, but it’s a must listen.

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