The Rebound 14: Eric Schmidt is a Dog

This week, we talk about iTunes DRM, the games we’d like to take with us to a desert island, and Eric Schmidt’s more…canine qualities. Also, John and Lex introduce me to Crossy Road, which begins to become a real problem for me.

Clockwise 67: Disapproving Record Clerk

If you’ve got thirty minutes, you’ve got enough time to listen to this week’s episode of Clockwise. Guests Jeff Carlson and Casey Johnston join Jason and I to discuss what 2015 holds for tech, features of Apple operating systems that we end up not using, what we miss about old media, and the Sony hacks. Plus, a selection of favorite holiday movies, just for you!

MacVoices #14230: Jeff Carlson and Dan Moren Discuss The Connected Apple Family

Ooh, a new appearance! I’m joined by my co-author Jeff Carlson on this week’s episode of MacVoices, hosted by the inimitable Chuck Joiner. Chuck was nice enough to have us on to talk about our new book, The Connected Apple Family—of which I shall write more about soon. We talk a bit about how the book can help you (and your family) get set up on Apple devices, what we ourselves learned while writing it, and where we think Apple’s solution falls short.

Clockwise 66: Driving Through Magic

It’s the most magical time of the year, especially when Jason and I are joined by Relay FM’s own Myke Hurley and Georgia Dow from iMore. The four of us talk about the App Store process, video game memories, Cortana and Siri on the desktop, and net neutrality. Plus, I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know about our favorite car trips!

The Rebound 13: Why Guy

On this week’s episode of John, Lex, and Dan screw around The Rebound, we discuss the App Store review process—if it can even be called a “process”—as well as the future of the Apple TV, Mark Zuckerberg’s take on Apple, and more. Oh, and stick around to the very end to hear Lex’s thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer.

The Rebound 12: Dreidel Crammers

America’s favorite podcast about tech* is back! This week, we talk about the App Store notification brouhaha, Lex’s new TV, John’s new car, and Dan’s probably unhealthy Destiny habit.

* Excepting all those other ones.

Clockwise 65: The Slovenian Perspective

No, this week’s episode of Clockwise is not a Robert Ludlum thriller. Jason and I are joined by Slovenian podcaster Anže Tomić and former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland as we discuss automation (when is too much, when isn’t enough), what tech goodies are on our holiday shopping list, what our favorite subscription services are, and whether we heart Amazon Basics and Monoprice. And, of course, tune in for the holiday-themed bonus question…

Clockwise 64: Disposable Electric Car

On this week’s 30-minute show of shows, Jason and I are joined by my Rebound partner-in-crime Lex Friedman and PCalc developer James Thomson. In the run-up to Thanksgiving we discuss backup strategies, the possibility of an app subscription service, the death of tablets, and the electric car. All for your enjoyment!

The Rebound 10: I Did It All for the Nokia

I was remiss in not mentioning last week’s episode of my tech podcast with luminaries John Moltz and Lex Friedman. We talked about Nokia’s Android tablet, the trouble with Uber, and the latest iPhone knockoff. All in about 36 minutes. What better way is there for you to spend your time?

Clockwise 63: Uber, What’s Up With It?

On this week’s 30-minute tech roundtable, editor-in-chief of The Wirecutter and The Sweethome Jacqui Cheng and omnipresent writer and furioso tweeter Glenn Fleishman join me and Jason to talk about Apple potentially integrating Beats Music into iOS, our latest feelings on the Apple Watch, encryption everywhere, and, of course, what the heck is going on with Uber? (In fact the episode is so jam-packed that we had to separate our traditional bonus question into a separate track!)

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